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Romita Ghosh

Founder-CEO of two MedTech companies, Admirus and iHeal HealthTech

From a 12-year-old girl surviving blood cancer in India. Her creation, UV sterilization cabinet enables personal protective equipment, its becoming the most recognized Health Entrepreneur, Romita Ghosh’s journey is truly game changer in Indian health industry. Her recent Startup iHeal HealthTech is one of the promising solutions to stem COVID-19 including masks and other disposables, to be safely reused at 99.9 per cent efficiency.

“My aim going forward is to make sustainable medical equipment available and accessible to everyone globally, and I’m glad I was able to be a part of moving towards a coronavirus-free world,” said Ghosh. “

Her Story

The best part of her products and her companies is the Sustainable medical equipment. The reuse of such items, even after the COVID-19 pandemic subsides, will not only be cost-beneficial for many sectors, especially hospitals, but will also reduce biomedical waste and its consequences. Her other two healthcare ventures, Admirus and MedSamaan aims to inspire works to sustainable medical equipment available and accessible to everyone globally. She aims to inspired of make healthcare accessible in India.

Her Achievements

  • Romita won the Most Inspiring Woman Entrepreneur Award at the Orange Flower Awards 2017.
  • She was also awarded HT Woman 2018 by Shri Yogi Adityanath Hon'ble Chief Minister, UP.
  • She is a healthcare research fellow at IIT Hyderabad and is being ably support- ed by UN Women, myGov and US Dept of State.
  • Romita was also honoured by eMERG with the Start-up Entrepreneur of the Year Award and also won the Planet’s Pride Award. Her latest foray into design innovation made her one of the 3 winners selected by MyGov, UN Women and EU at the Shri Shakti COVID Challenge.