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Success Stories:
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Arundhati Kumar

Founder - Studio Beej

Her Story

I started Beej in January 2020 after spending 18+ years in the corporate world. For the past few years, I have been increasingly conscious as well as concerned about the ongoing climate crisis. I started with smaller personal lifestyle shifts and I knew I wanted to do something in that space.

Beej was born out of my single belief that style and sustainability can and must co-exist. As a brand it's our vision to make conscious consumption a mainstream fashion choice.

Very early on Beej got incubated as a part of a Niti Aayog program and in early 2021 became a part of an UNDP program where selected women let start-ups were mentored for scale.

Most of our materials are plant-based leather alternatives sourced from various parts of the globe. We chose our materials for their low environmental impact and well as their versatility to be designed into gorgeous accessories.

Her Company

Beej is a lifestyle and accessories brand rooted in environmental sustainability. Born out of our core belief that style and sustainability can and must co-exist, at Beej we work with various plant -based materials sourced from across the globe. Beej was launched in January 2020 and closed the year 2020-21 with 15 lacs in revenue

Her Achievements

Beej is today recognized as one of India's first premium sustainable accessories brand and we've been covered in fashion as well as prestigious sustainability journals including LiveMint, Cosmopolitian, Down to Earth and YourStory.