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Dr. Vanita Prasad

Environmental Bio-Technologist | CEO at REVY Environmental Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Meet the Biotech Entrepreneur, whose products are mitigating 165 Million tonnes of CO2 , by processing 12000 litres of waste water and 15000 tonnes of organic waste.

Her Story

Dr. Vanita Prasad is an Environmental Biotechnologist from Vadodara Gujrat and she has been pursuing her passion of converting waste to resource for the past 30 years.

She floated her own company in 2017 by the name of REVY Environmental Solution Private Ltd. REVY has been started because of three reasons: one, her unending urge to learn; two, to provide society effective Waste Management scheme to fulfil the mission of SWACH BHARAT and three, her belief that innovation in businesses is nothing by chance but by doing constant research.


REVY is a robust microbial consortium, a patented innovation which enables improved operation and high performance of waste water treatment plants. Also, this product of REVY can be applied in management of wet waste.

So, this solution from REVY can address the twin edged problem of managing waste water as well as organic fraction of solid waste, altogether, in a single set up as against treating them separately in existing classical arrangement.


So far 12000 KL waste water and 15000 Tonnes of Organic waste has been Processed using REVY Products helping in mitigation of 165 Million tCo2.

Making Smart cities Smarter

The output from such treatment facilities would be – Treated water fit for secondary use, enhanced bio-gas to be used as energy resource, apart from other social, financial and environmental benefits and impacts. This way Vanita’s REVY make smart cities smarter in its waste management capabilities by creating and promoting a circular economy concept.

Funding till today REVY infinitives so far have been granted funded and bootstrapped. Their PoC and Piloting scaling has been funded by Govt of India through BIRAC BIG & SPRASH Grants to the tune of INR 60 Lakhs. They also have made their own investments of about 1 Cr in procuring land for setting up pilot and commercial plants for their product development. Recently they have raised a sum of about 1.4 Crore by way of equity investment for their business expansion needs.