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The Complete Oracle SQL Certification Course

Don't Just Learn the SQL Language, Become Job-Ready and Launch Your Career as a Certified Oracle SQL Developer!

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Created by Tech SuperGirl Last updated Wed, 12-May-2021 English
What you'll learn?
  • This course is constantly proving useful to supercharge my actual knowledge base

Curriculum for this course
5 Lessons 00:24:05 Hours
Database Basics
2 Lessons 00:09:38 Hours
  • Oracle Database Introduction & Basics of Tables 00:04:49
  • Creating the Workspace in Oracle 00:04:49
  • Oracle Exams and Certification Information 00:04:49
  • Query Filtering Continued BETWEEN, IN and NULL 00:04:49
  • Single Row Functions (SRF) & Using The Dual Table 00:04:49
  • Absolutely no programming experience is required to master the content in this course
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LAST UPDATED: November 2020

(Source Code Included for Lectures)

Get ready to acquire some seriously marketable programming skills! You can't consider yourself a complete end to end developer until you can code in SQL. Today, data has become the hottest topic in technology and a company's biggest asset is their data. All databases require the language SQL to store and retrieve data. Salaries for junior level SQL Developers are upwards of $70,000 - $90,000 dollars a year! The great thing is, for this course, you do not need any prior experience in programming what so ever. SQL is a different animal and we're going to demystify the language from scratch and prepare you with plenty of progressively challenging assignments so that by the time you've completed the course (in 2 months), you can call your self an Oracle SQL Master! Oracle is the most popular relational database in the world! This course will prepare you to be job-ready in just 1 month of study and practice.

All exercises and solutions are in the lectures. In several lectures I ask students to pause the video and complete the assignment before resuming to watch my solution. MAKE SURE YOU WORK OUT THE PROBLEMS ON YOUR OWN BEFORE MOVING ON TO MY SOLUTION!!

With over 62,000 enrolled students and a 4.5 star-rating, this is a Udemy best-selling course.

Do you have no prior experience in SQL development? This course is perfect for you. Don't take it from me, take it from actual students that took this course:

"I am a beginner and the way this course starts is perfect for the person who has no introduction of SQL or Oracle."

Do you have prior experience, but need a refresher or to fine-tune your skills? This is the course for you. Again, I'll let my students do the talking:

"I had a good base of knowledge from my last employment. This course is constantly proving useful to supercharge my actual knowledge base. Very good one!"

Have you taken a SQL course before, but felt confused on certain topics or not completely satisfied in your abilities? A lot of my students had shared similar concerns:

"I had previously taken a college course about databases and SQL, but these ten hours of content were more clear and useful than the course and textbook."

Topics covered in this course :

  • Basics of Tables

  • SELECT and WHERE Clause

  • WHERE, AND & OR with Operators


  • Single Table Queries

  • Single Row Functions

  • Grouping Functions

  • GROUP BY and HAVING Clause

  • Joins

  • Inner and Outer Joins

  • EXISTS & NOT EXIST Operators

  • Creating Your Own Tables

  • Using ALTER

  • Creating Tables with SELECT & UPDATE Data

  • DELETE, TRUNCATE, and DROP Commands

  • System Tables, Pseudo Columns & Deleting Duplicates (Newly Added)

  • Views and Other Objects and Commands (Newly Added)

Who this course is for:

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