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Software Development: Better Requirements Gathering Skills

Boost Your Software Requirements Gathering Skills Today! Learn The Techniques That Work!

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Created by Tech SuperGirl Last updated Fri, 09-Jul-2021 English
What will i learn?
  • Identify the correct questions to ask during requirements gathering
  • Handle 'Single Interviews', 'Group Interviews' and 'Focus Groups'.
  • Differentiate 'Functional Requirements' from 'Non-Functional Requirements'
  • Manage the customers expectations from day one
  • Avoid Project Overrun by clearly defining what is in scope and what is not!
  • Free 'Software Requirements Specification' Template
  • Effectively manage the requirements gathering process
  • Anticipate 'problem areas' and how to deal with them
  • How to design software for Multiple Departments
  • Choose the right path to delivering software on time and on budget
  • Complete the accompanying template files
  • Free 'Feasibility Guide' Template

Curriculum for this course
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  • You do not need any tools or experience to take this course!
  • This course covers all topics in easily digestible lectures
  • This course will teach you the lessons that have taken years to learn
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Whether you are a software developer, architect, project manager or just someone who codes for fun; knowing what to write is just as hard as knowing how to write it. 'Software requirements gathering' is the process of capturing the objectives, goals and wishes of the customer upfront and early-on in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

This course is accompanied by several templates and document files, that you can use as a guideline during your next requirements gathering project. There is a feasibility study template, a software specification template, a terminology guide and a couple more.

This course will get you 'asking the right questions' early in the process, saving you time, money and effort. You will learn how to 'manage the requirements process' from start to finish. How to differentiate between 'Functional and Non-functional requirements'. How to 'capture and record requirements'. Plus, you will get an insight to how one system is used throughout an organization.

This course will guide you through the entire range of 'Scoping Documents', 'Technical Specifications', 'Feasibility Studies' and 'Requirements Gathering'.

Your time is precious and that matters to me, this course has been arranged into small lectures that you can consume when you have a spare few minutes. They follow-on from each other, making the entire course watchable in one sitting. you can be sure that the project you embark on is the same as the project you deliver. On time and on budget.

Capturing Software Requirements, Meeting Deliverables, Exceeding Expectations and Documenting the whole process can take years to learn, this stuff is not taught in colleges, it is learned in the trenches. So save yourself time, get the insider information on the topics that matter. By the end of the course, you will have amassed a large number of key takeaways and several useful template files that together will take your software development skills to the next level.

This course is for life, meaning you can learn whenever you have the time. You have access to the discussions area, where I will personally answer any questions you have on this course. This course is also backed by a 30 day money back guarantee.

If you need a deeper understanding of the software development life cycle. Are about to begin work on a new software project or embark on a prospective customer collaboration? this course will guide you through the process.

I look forwards to seeing you on the inside.

Kind Regards, Robin.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is meant for anyone working in the software industry that requires a detailed understanding of the requirements gathering process.
  • For junior developers looking to climb the ladder
  • No prior programming knowledge is needed.
  • Anyone who needs 'How To Write a Software Specification Document'
  • Anyone looking to Capture Software Requirements
  • This course is probably not for you if you are already capable of eliciting every single requirement from your customers and never fail to deliver on time and on budget!
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