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Self Management and Personality Development

How to improve personality, thinking, and self-confidence

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Created by Tech SuperGirl Last updated Sat, 24-Apr-2021 English
What you'll learn?
  • Best practice and guidelines to improve thinking, feeling, personality, Self-Awareness, and self-confidence
  • Self-Awareness

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This course provide you with the best practice, experience, and guidelines for developing your self and personality in terms of thinking, feeling, and behaving in an efficient matter in order to success in the life.  How to make change in your self and abilities in order to improve personality and self confidence. The main course outlines : 1- How to improve personality 2- How to get rid of negative thinking 3- How to identify and control feelings 4 How to improve self confidence  5- How to reprogram unconscious mind .  The main idea of this course is to improve decisions and actions in the life based on improving thinking style.  This course focus on best practice and experience but not theories. The value of this course is how the participants of this course can change their thinking style in order to improve feelings and emotions for better and efficient decisions in their life.

Who this course is for:

  • Any one whom wants to improve his thinking, feeling, personality, and Self-Awareness in order to success in his life
  • Whom would like to improve Self-Awareness
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