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Self Development For Beginners

How to Live More (know more - do more - be more - have more)

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Created by Tech SuperGirl Last updated Sat, 24-Apr-2021 English
What will i learn?
  • How to develop yourself into the person you want to be by Unearthing your own, True Potential.
  • The basics of how to improve your productivity and Manage your Stress 4 Success.
  • The basics of Meditation and Mindfulness.
  • A basic framework for Better Decision-Making.
  • How to Stay Motivated during the lows and maintain a level-head during the highs.
  • How to be an Active Listener and give Better Advice.
  • The foundations of Personal Innovation and how to apply them.
  • The basics of how to go from a fixed mindset to a Growth Mindset.
  • The basics of how to develop and refine your Emotional Intelligence.
  • The basic habits that lead to a Healthier and Happier life.
  • How to get More Value from old and new Relationships.
  • How to Track and Reflect on your progress, so you can Redirect.

Curriculum for this course
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  • An open-mind.
  • A notepad so you can take notes during the lectures.
  • A smartphone.
  • A commitment of at least 2-3 hours a week.
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This course is designed for beginner's in personal development.

This will help get you started towards a new way of thinking, feeling, doing and being.

This course will teach you the basics of how to develop the following major life aspects:

1. Mindset     2. Emotions     3. Wellness     4. Productivity     5. Relationships     6. Finances.

1. Mindset Development:

* What is a mindset.

* How do I assess and develop my Mindset for Success.

* What is mindfulness and how can I be more Mindful?

* What is auto-suggestion and how can I use it to be Better.

* How to create an environment that reinforces my Positive Attitude.

* How to mitigate negativity.

2. Emotional Development

* What is emotional Intelligence and how do I assess my own.

* What is the law of attraction and how do I apply it in my own life.

* How to identify, assess and take control of your emotions.

* How to identify, assess and recognize underlying emotions.

* How to apply mindfulness towards improving your emotional state.

* How to use your pain to help you gain.

3. Productivity Development

* How to measure the true cost of the decisions I make on a daily basis.

* How to develop habits that save time and energy.

* How to plan your daily activities for effectiveness, efficiency and success.

* How to improve my ability to focus on completing my tasks.

* How to develop attainable goals. (Goal-setting)

* The equation for happiness :-)

4. Health and Wellness Development

* How to develop good health.

* Which habits can I develop in order to live a healthier and happier lifestyle.

* How what you put in your mouth affects how you look. (We are what we eat.)

* Which habits to avoid in order to strengthen my immune system.

* Stress and how to manage it. (It is unavoidable, but at least it's manageable)

* How to make decisions that will lead to a healthier lifestyle.

5. Relationship Development

* Why relationships and networks are important.

* How can I add more value into my relationships and how I can get more value from them.

* How to be a better listener.

* How to give people feedback like a voter, not a hater.

* Tips to help you step out of the grey area and into the light.

6. Financial Development

* What is my financial position and how can I navigate myself to a better one.

* What are financial statements and why do they matter?

* What is my break-even point.

* How can I make myself more valuable in the economic market.

* Fundamental principles of personal finance and investing.

This course is not the last course you'll ever need, it is simply one of the many bricks that you'll lay as you build your legacy of knowledge and wealth.

Who this course is for:

  • If you have big dreams and are willing to take small & consistent steps to achieve them.
  • If you feel that you can do better and have more to offer but don't know where to start.
  • If you are are surrounded by negativity and want to develop yourself in spite of circumstance.
  • If you feel like an ordinary person with the deep desire to do extraordinary things, this is a good place to start.
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