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Great Product Manager - Practical Product Management course

Save time and fast-track your career! Learn from a Senior Product Manager at Microsoft. Free CV review included!

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Created by Tech SuperGirl Last updated Wed, 12-May-2021 English
What will i learn?
  • Effective Product management and be able to tell helpful techniques and tools from the time wasting one
  • Planning Product roadmap, so you can impress your stakeholders and present yourself as a visionary
  • Devising Product strategy, so that everyone has a clear understanding on how you will go towards the vision
  • Developing your character to be a great Product manager, so you know how to work with people and technology
  • Creating Product vision, to inspire and lead your team to the next level

Curriculum for this course
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  • Just be full of energy and passion to lead a product
  • It won't hurt to have a computer and bit of spare time to listen to the classes
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Save time with this practical Product Management course! With this program, you will land your dream job/promotion way quicker!
For every student that completes the course free CV and LinkedIn profile review (worth 200$)!

Hi! I am Dr. Bart Jaworski, Senior Product Manager at Microsoft. For many years, I have been dreaming – just like you – of becoming a highly successful product manager. Now that I have reached this dream, I want to share with you how I managed to do that. The road had been full of unexpected challenges, and I have been forced many times to search for additional resources to help me deal with them. Sadly, there had been some aspects of the position that no course or book could have prepared me for, and this is exactly where this course comes in.

Don't get me wrong. My efforts have resulted in gaining great theoretical and basic knowledge. However, no one has ever told me how to deal with an ineffective team, how to find the right data to perform analyses, or even the basics – what character features actually make a great product manager.

Thus, I have created this course. Throughout over 11 hours of core material, I am not only going to teach you about the position itself but also, I am going to provide you with practical solutions on how to deal with different setbacks that I had to find out the hard way. I am also adding a bonus class every week, starting from 18/04/2021.

After completing this course, you will be well prepared to:

  • manage any IT product,

  • choose the best improvements for it, and make them a reality with your team,

  • envision the product's growth for many years to come,

  • build a great product road map,

  • change your stale development team into a well-oiled, highly effective machine,

  • find great ideas for your product and support them with the right data,

  • excel in planning an A/B test for any product change and be able to understand its effects,

  • become a great spokesman,

  • conduct engaging meetings and make them highly effective,

  • complete any product management certification. This course provides a certificate as well upon completion!

  • and many more!

I have almost ten years of background in working on various IT tools designed for recruiters. Apart from that, I have transitioned from a rookie, self-taught product manager in a small start-up to a senior product manager in, arguably, one of the greatest software companies of our times.

Thus, this course is highly dedicated to seeing you succeed in your career as a product manager the way I have. I will take you through the whole process of planning your career, starting with building an ideal CV and a LinkedIn profile. I will guide you on how to perform at your best on your potential job interview and start a new product manager position with a BANG.

The core 11 hours of the course are only the beginning – the minimum viable product of a greater product in the works. In due time, additional classes will be released.

The course is accompanied by a dedicated Discord channel where I am happy to take follow-up questions and feedback that I will attend to daily. Apart from this, I offer a brand-new YouTube channel where I talk about best product management practices and review different product-related articles and stories so that you could easily tell a helpful source from a waste of your time.

You are ambitious, full of energy and dreams, but also in need of guidance, right? I have been there, too. This course is built in a way that will make your journey easier than mine was. By making use of my knowledge and best practices, I hope you will develop your career quicker than I, and who knows, maybe one day we will meet in the halls of Microsoft's office and shake hands.

I am fondly looking forward to that!

Who this course is for:

  • Professionals planning to become a Product Manager
  • Junior and mid product managers planning to jump-start their careers
  • Acting and senior Product Manager and Product Owners looking for inspiration or different take on what they do
  • Code developers looking to transition to Product Management
  • Data scientists looking to transition to Product Management
  • Sales agents looking to transition to Product Management
  • Project managers looking to transition to Product Management
  • Design engineers looking to transition to Product Management
  • Product Owners looking to transition to Product Management
  • Business Analysts looking to transition to Product Management
  • Junior Product Managers
  • Associate Product managers
  • Graduates looking to start their career
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